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Smokin' gun hunting preserve is located in Glen Saint Mary Florida just 30 miles west of Jacksonville. Our goal is for everyone to have and experience an action packed day of wing shooting. Whether you are a single hunter that wants to experience a day of high volume exciting wing shooting fun or you are a corporate group that wants to rent the entire preserve for the day to entertain your clients or employees we want you all to have a experience and a day full of memories that will last a lifetime. Life is to short so let’s slow down and enjoy a day in the field at Smokin Gun Hunting Preserve.

As a hunter myself I want everyone to walk away at the end of the day and say we had the best time of our life. We specialize in pheasant hunts and will do some other hunts but our main focus is pheasants. I want to keep the hunts affordable so the working class hunter can experience a hunt that most can’t afford to go on. To travel to South Dakota and hunt pheasants at a ranch for 3 days will cost you around $2000. On top of that you are only allowed 3 pheasants a day. On our hunts you have the opportunity to shoot hundreds a day. Yes you read it correctly each tower hunt we release a minimum of 200 pheasants. No hunting license needed on any hunt. We carry a blanket preserve license that covers everyone.

Corporate/Private/Family Events

Book the Preserve and create your own day filled with hunting the courses for a variety of birds or entertain your family, friends, or clients with a mini pheasant throw booked for only you and your guests for the day!

Memberships 2020/2021 - $500

  • Members receive $25 off every hunt booked.
  • Purchase additional birds at a discounted rate. Pheasants $20 each @ a 10 bird minimum and quail $10 each @ a 10 bird minimum.
  • We will have a discounted member only tower hunt at the end of the season followed up with a steak dinner.
  • Discount on all sporting clays at $10 per 25.



Guided Traditional Style Flush Hunt - $750 (15 Pheasants) up to 3 guns

Shoot a round of sporting clays to get warmed up and then take the trained pointing dog to the field to hunt 15 Pheasants. After the hunt we go back to the Lodge and have a steak lunch or dinner and enjoy the fellowship of hunters. This hunt takes around 2 hrs.

The Southern Gentleman Hunt- $1300 (30 Pheasants) up to 4 guns

We start the day off with a round of sporting clays then take to the field and hunt 15 pheasants. Return to the lodge and have a light lunch and shoot another round of sporting clays, Take back to the field and hunt another 15 pheasants. End the hunt with a Grill style Dinner.

Hunt Your Own Dogs- $150 per Gun Plus Cost of Birds. (10 pheasant min) 2 gun min

Pheasants $25 per bird with a 10 bird minimum and Quail $10 per bird with a 15 bird minimum when available. You clean your birds. No lunch.

European Style Tower Hunts

The European Style Pheasant Shoot offers high volume shooting for an exciting outdoor adventure and action packed day of fun.  This is a great way to introduce your children, spouse, friend, or for you to come out and enjoy a action packed day in the field. Bring plenty of shells because this hunt involves a ton of shooting.

2020/2021 Scheduled Tower Hunt - $250 per Hunter
  • December 5th
  • December 19th
  • January 2nd
  • January  16th
  • February 6th
  • Febuary  20th
  • March 6th
  • March 20th

Morning Hunt

Arrive at 7:30 AM - Registration and Warm Up Clays if time allows.
8:00 AM Introduction / Safety Meeting
9:00 AM Morning Hunt Begins
12:00 PM Southern Style Lunch Served

Afternoon Hunt

Arrive at 11:15 AM - Registration
12:00 PM Southern Style Lunch Served
1:00 PM Introduction / Safety Meeting
Afternoon Hunt Starts at 1:30 PM

Season runs October 1 - March 31
Physical Address

3680 Lovurn Lane
Glen Saint Mary FL 32040

Mailing Address

7559 Odis Yarbrough Rd.
Glen Saint Mary FL 32040

Smokin Gun Hunting Preserve

FWC License # 407-132722

Choose a location
Smokin Gun Hunting Preserve
3680 Lovurn Lane Glen Saint Mary FL 32040
Physical Address

3680 Lovurn Lane
Glen Saint Mary FL 32040

Give Us a Call

 For booking information contact Robert Davis Phone: 904-716-9907 or cell 904-302-1555

FWC License # 407-132722

General information

Pheasant Hunting Information

  • There are 12 shooting stations 100 yards away from a 20 foot tower in an open field.
  • There will be 2 hunters at each shooting station to make a total of 24 hunters.
  • We release 10 birds per hunter. So if the hunt is full then we will release 240 pheasants.
  • If available at the time of the hunt we will throw in pigeons at no additional cost to you.
  • At the start of the hunt all hunters go to each one of the stations (hay bales).
  • After 20 birds have been thrown you will hear a horn to move to the next station.
  • You will move clockwise to the next station
  • You will continue this until all birds have been released.
  • After the last bird you will hear a horn which means the hunt is over.
  • The pheasant hunt typically runs about three hours.
  • Bring your children and let them experience an exciting day of wing shooting.
  • All children under the age of 18 must be at the station with an adult.
  • We have rules about how many children per hunter so please contact about us about this.
  • Children under the age of 16 hunt free. 16yrs to 18yrs are at a discounted rate.

All Pheasant Hunts Includes

  • 10 pheasants released per paying Hunter
  • In field refreshments
  • Field Transportation
  • Cleaning and Bagging of birds
  • Southern Style Meal
  • All of your Licenses and Fees


  • Be Safe!
  • Shooting glasses are required.
  • Hunter Orange clothing is required. (Hat, Shirt or Vest)
  • While you are NOT at your hunting station ALL GUNS MUST BE UNLOADED AND THE ACTION OPEN!
  • When not shooting, muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction with the safety on.
  • Only shoot above parallel.
  • If you’re unsure of whether to shoot at a bird, do not shoot!
  • Do not leave your shooting station for any reason during a round.
  • Only rotate stations at the sound of the Horn.
  • Leave birds at hay bales.
  • We will have a few retrievers on the field and you are welcome to bring your own trained dog. Please contact before bringing (some rules apply)
  • Only collect pheasants if they are close to you.
  • Do not shoot at the tower.
  • No drinking of alcohol prior to or during hunt.

What to Bring

  • Shooting glasses
  • 12 or 20 gauge shotgun with modified choke tube.
  • 8 boxes of #5 or #6 shotgun shells (high brass preferable)
  • Water for the day.
  • A stool or chair for in the field if standing for a long period of time is a problem.
  • Beverage of choice for after the shoot
  • A cooler with ice to keep your birds cold on your way home

Rained Out Hunt

In the event that a Pheasant tower hunt is prevented from taking place due to rain at the time of the hunt, the hunt will be moved to the following day

Payments and Fee's

We accept cash, checks, or credit cards. A 3.5% credit card convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments. Florida sales tax of 7% is not included in prices.

It is customary to tip guides, trappers, and service personnel 20% per activity during your stay.  The guides are not on our payroll and they work independently for tips.  They work very hard and they really appreciate whatever you can give them.

We must have your payment 3 weeks prior to the hunt to secure your spot as 1 of the 24 hunters.

We are not in the office most of the time so if you do not reach me at the preserve then call my work cell. We look forward to talking with you.

Give Us a Call

 For booking information contact Robert Davis Phone: 904-716-9907 or cell 904-302-1555

Contact Us

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